Is Triple Glazing Better For a Conservatory
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Is Triple Glazing Better For a Conservatory?

When extending your home, you may want to consider a Triple Glazed Conservatory. This type of home extension can provide additional benefits, such as energy efficiency and reduced draughts. With heat efficiency rules being tightened up all over the world conservatory owners and new builds are looking to improve the glazing in their conservatories. We take a look at one of the more popular options below with Triple Glazing.

Triple glazing in conservatories can reduce heating costs by up to 50% annually and is 40% more effective than standard double glazing in retaining heat. They also offer greater strength and security Installation is more expensive than traditional double glazing, although these costs should be recouped over time.

Read on to learn how triple glazing improves the quality of your conservatory. It can also reduce cold spots, noise, and improve its overall energy efficiency. This article will give you the facts you need to decide which type of glazing is right for you.

Reduces draughts

If you’re looking for a way to reduce draughts in your conservatory, triple glazing is an excellent choice. Its triple layer of glass prevents airflow from moving between the two panels, reducing draughts and increasing energy efficiency.

If you’re worried about the cost of triple glazing, there are many ways to reduce its costs. UPVC windows have traditionally been the most expensive to install, but today’s technology has made triple glazing a viable option.

  • Triple glazing is the most expensive way to reduce draughts and condensation in a conservatory, but the benefits far outweigh the expense.
  • This type of glazing provides superior insulation and reduces energy bills by up to 50%.
  • Another benefit of triple glazing is its increased resale value. While it may be expensive, your conservatory will appreciate in value.
  • With all the added benefits of triple glazing, you won’t have to worry about keeping it warm during winter and cool in summer.
  • Triple glazing improves thermal and acoustic insulation. Its double-glazed counterpart traps dense gas between the glass panes.
  • Triple glazing uses a third pane of glass to create an additional pocket of trapped gas.
  • This extra layer of glass ensures that heat is retained inside your conservatory and cold air does not enter. This can be a good choice if you’re trying to keep warm in your conservatory.

Reduces noise

There are three main ways to reduce noise from your conservatory. Triple glazing reduces noise in two different ways: the thickness of the window and the amount of noise it transmits inside. The difference in thickness between the three panes will change the sound wave pattern, which in turn reduces noise.

The second way to reduce noise is to fit secondary glazing over your existing windows. This will help reduce noise from nearby roads and aircraft flight paths.

Adding soundproofing glass is also a good way to reduce heating bills. And if you’re considering a triple-glazed conservatory, you should also think about installing acoustic glass. While acoustic glass is not a substitute for triple glazing, it can help reduce noise pollution.

Triple glazing can reduce noise from outside by adding a layer of air in between the two panes of glass. The second pane of triple glazing also has two Argon Gas filled spaces and an additional 12mm cavity. In addition to reducing noise, triple glazing improves energy efficiency, which is important in a conservatory.

Is Triple Glazing Better For a Conservatory

Reduces cold spots

When you install double glazing in a conservatory, you may be wondering how it will benefit you financially. However, the double glazing will still work to keep the heat in. But what about cold spots in the conservatory? Triple glazing does a better job. This type of glazing has an increased U-value, which is a measure of how much heat escapes from a house.

Optitherm is a glass range specifically designed to combat cold spots. It is high quality and has a neutral appearance. It also reflects the heat from radiators and fires back into the room.

This reduces cold spots by ensuring the interior pane stays warmer, enhancing usability and reducing internal condensation. While it is not always possible to eliminate these problems, installing triple glazing can significantly reduce your heating bill and keep you comfortable all year round.

Triple glazing is 40% more energy efficient than double glazing, which means that you’ll have a better energy bill, as you’ll be able to keep more heat inside your home.

You’ll also benefit from reduced draughts, cold spots and outside noise. If you’re planning on installing a conservatory, triple glazing is the way to go. Once you have installed your new conservatory, you’ll be thrilled with the results!

Is Triple Glazing Better For a Conservatory

Increases energy efficiency

You may not realise it but installing triple glazing in your conservatory can improve the energy efficiency of the room by up to 50%. Compared to double glazing, triple glazing has two layers of inert gases and one additional glass pane.

As a result, the room is much warmer in winter, and your internal heating system has to work less to maintain that temperature. You may not be aware of the benefits of triple glazing, but it can help you reduce energy costs and help protect the environment.

When installed correctly, triple glazing can increase energy efficiency in conservatories and save you money on heating bills. Its additional layers of glass can also reduce noise. In countries with colder climates, this feature makes a big difference.

While triple glazing does not make your conservatory completely energy-efficient, the insulation properties of the windows and doors are much higher. This means your heating bills will be lower and your carbon footprint lower.

Furthermore, it will reduce noise and improve your home’s security. In addition, triple glazing increases the resale value of your property, which means you can earn more money from your conservatory. These advantages outweigh the costs, so it is worth considering this option for your home.

Increases security

Double glazed windows have two layers and triple glazing adds a third layer s well as improving the insulation of the room. Double glazed windows use float glass while triple glazed windows often use toughened glass.

It is essential to choose the right type of glazing for your conservatory, but consider the following considerations to ensure you’re getting the best possible results. Listed and conservation areas often have single-glazed windows. In such cases, secondary glazing can be added to the existing windows for increased energy efficiency.

Triple glazing adds extra security to your conservatory by making the roof more resistant to burglary. Branches are less likely to break through triple glazing, which means the roof is much more secure. In Europe, 80 percent of windows have triple-glazed construction.

However, it’s important to remember that adding more panes will increase the weight of the window. In the UK, triple-glazed windows are recommended.

The type of air or gas used to create the frames is important to the overall performance of the glazing. The use of warm edge spacer bars and a different coating on the glass can help improve energy efficiency.

Triple glazing is stronger and more secure than other forms of glazing, but there is more to conservatory security than just the glass which we highlight in our how to keep a conservatory secure article here.

The frame will also affect the overall performance of the windows, which is why insulating frames are essential. And don’t forget to check the airtightness rating of the frames when choosing a new conservatory.


If you’re thinking about improving the energy efficiency of your conservatory, you may be wondering how much triple glazing will cost. While it may be an investment, triple glazing can help you save money on your energy bills by sealing in warmth in winter and preventing it from escaping during summer.

This type of glazing has a higher price tag, but will pay for itself in the long run by reducing energy bills. The cost of triple glazing for conservatories depends on the size and number of windows in the conservatory, but you’ll benefit from higher energy efficiency and lower bills too.

There are several ways to reduce the cost of installing triple glazing. The first step is to find a company with a good reputation on the web. There are sites such as Which shows customer reviews, and Trustpilot allows you to read testimonials from customers who have hired the company.

Ideally, the company will offer a free quote and allow you time to make your decision. Be wary of companies that pressure you to make a decision without fully explaining the cost and terms and conditions.


When you upgrade the energy efficiency of your conservatory, you should install triple glazing. Triple glazing is a better option than double glazing because the glass panes will be larger and therefore more efficient.

Unlike with single glazing, triple glazing will not only add style to your conservatory, but will also reduce your energy bills dramatically. The cost of triple glazing for conservatories varies between companies, so make sure you shop around before setting on a contractor to carry out the work


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