Can a Conservatory Be a Bedroom
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Can a Conservatory Be a Bedroom?

A conservatory is one of the many types of extensions that you can add to your home. Not only can you increase your space, but you can also get creative with the use of the room. While everyone else is likely to use their conservatory for relaxing, you can turn yours into something totally different. Some people have converted theirs into a home cinema, a gym, or an indoor swimming pool and yes even a bedroom.

With a few adaptations conservatories can be modified to be a bedroom. Shading, like blinds or thick curtains to block out sunlight, and heating systems to keep warm in winter will be needed. Storage for essentials like clothes should be planned in when converting your conservatory to a bedroom.

We look at some of the more common questions that come up if you want to turn your conservatory into a bedroom, and turn relaxing into sleeping.

Cost of converting a conservatory into a bedroom

If you are looking to increase the space of your home, converting a conservatory into a room may be the best option for you. A few adjustments can turn a normal conservatory into more multipurpose room, including a bedroom.

In addition to the added space, you will not have to worry about maintaining the conservatory during colder months.

There are several things you should consider when calculating the costs of converting your conservatory into a bedroom.

  • First, you must determine the cost of furnishing the new room.
  • Secondly, you should make a contingency plan of at least 10% to 20% of the total budget, just in case unforeseen costs crop up.
  • Thirdly make sure you plan the layout, furnishings and decor. There is more to turning a conservatory into a bedroom than just putting a bed in there.

Remember that you should not need planning permission to convert your conservatory; however, you should still seek professional advice if you are unsure of your skills.

When planning for a conservatory bedroom, you should consider the size of your bed. The standard room size for a single bed is approximately seven feet by ten feet.

Moreover, you should consider the amount of storage space that you will need. You may want to consider using multi-functional furniture that can be easily removed when you don’t need the space for a single or double bed. You should make sure that the conservatory is sufficiently heated for all seasons especially of you are sleeping in it.

Keeping the Noise down

If you are planning in using the conservatory to sleep in then its going to need to be quite in there. The main issue, as long as you have double or triple glazing, is going to be the noise on the roof when it rains.

While installing a tile roof is going to be expensive, and effective as it will block most noise, there are other ways to make sure you have a good night’s sleep in your glass bedroom!

You can try roof blinds, noise reducing sheets, or systems and we have a full article on how to take care of unwanted noise in conservatories here.

Bedroom Conservatory Security

When sleeping in a conservatory you should pay as much attention to security as you would your front door. You ae sleepign after all!

While triple glazing and proper dead locks are desirable, it possible to do things to keep your conservatory secure with out spending so much.

We have a full article on conservatory security here to find out more. However you can consider CCTV, sensor lights and even a canine friend to give more cost effective piece of mind.

Make sure you have strong and effective locks, and although blinds are mentioned as a way to stop light and heat later on in the article they also shield any valuable you have in the room from prying eyes.

Construction materials

The construction materials for a conservatory can vary depending on the size and shape of the room. Timber is a popular choice for its classic look and the benefits it offers, while aluminium and uPVC have more contemporary looks. Both materials are low maintenance and are highly resistant to rot.

Wood is also a sustainable and attractive option and can be painted to suit any interior. However, if you want a conservatory to last for years, aluminium and uPVC are the most popular choices.

There are two types of conservatories: Edwardian and Victorian.

  • The Edwardian style is more traditional,
  • while the Victorian style is more modern and stylish.

While Edwardian conservatories have more straight lines, they also feature many softer angles that allow furniture to be seamlessly placed in the room.

Whether you want a Victorian-style conservatory or a modern one, you should choose the construction materials based on your tastes and your budget.

Insulation options

A conservatory is a great addition to any home. A conservatory is a unique room that can be used as an additional bedroom, family room, or breakfast nook. Its panoramic windows make it feel like a vacation within your home.

Enjoy watching the sun go down or a nap before dinner in this unique space. You can also use your conservatory as an extra space for entertaining. And because it is an addition to your home, it will be worth the expense just remember they can get both hot and cold in there and some measures will have to be taken before turning it into a bedroom to make sure it’s comfortable to sleep in.

While most homes retain heat well, the conservatory is not built large enough to provide the same benefit. Lack of insulation and a greenhouse effect can cause the conservatory to be cold during several months of the year and hot during the others.

We have an article on managing the temperatures of conservatories here.

Choosing better insulation is crucial if you plan to use your conservatory as a bedroom. You should also look for an electric heater or wall radiator. During colder months, you may want to consider thick floor coverings for added cosy comfort. A roof vent for your conservatory is another option for controlling air flow. Make sure it is water-tight and draught-proof though. .

The roof of your conservatory should also be insulated to keep out cold air. Even if you don’t plan on using your conservatory as a bedroom, there is a chance that heat could escape through small cracks in the glass frame. This could result in a higher energy bill. Therefore, if you are planning to use your conservatory as a bedroom, you should consider insulating the roof as well as fitting heaters, carpets and curtains.

Lighting options

Having a chandelier in a conservatory can add an air of class to the dining area. Nordic-style lighting can make a conservatory feel even cozier by using rope and strong brass. Modernist lighting is simple and elegant, using basic shapes.

If your conservatory is small, use two or three lamps instead of one large pendant. You can use a combination of overhead and floor lights for maximum lighting control and a cosy atmosphere.

The type of light needed depends on the overall function of the conservatory. You might simply want to use it for reading, or you may want to entertain guests. You should consider different height levels as well, starting with a centrally placed light.

Secondary lighting should consist of a tall table lamp or floor lamp. There are a few options for overhead lighting, but you should consider your overall purpose before settling on a particular design.

If you’d prefer to read in your conservatory, you can install floor or table lamps. They are generally higher and bigger than table lamps, and they distribute light throughout the room.

Depending on how much light you need, floor lamps can also be used as focus lights for activities such as reading or arts and crafts. The type of light you choose will depend on the size and shape of your conservatory, but you can opt for both.

Ceiling pendants are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a retro, modern, or classic look. They can add a subtle glow while highlighting certain features of the room. The style of these lights is versatile as well, so they’re a great option for both internal and external lighting. They also provide low-level illumination and are ideal for a conservatory that has a glazed roof.

Remember conservatories are mainly glass so as well as lighting you will need blinds or curtains to stop that early morning sun walking you up if you are using it as a bedroom.

Heating options

There are many ways to heat a conservatory. One of the easiest is to install electric radiators. This will save you time and effort, as it won’t require extending or re-laying heating pipework. In addition, you can plug these units into a standard electrical outlet.

Electric underfloor heating is another option. This type of heating works by circulating hot water beneath the floor in pipes. It is more efficient than traditional methods and feels warmer. Some people prefer this option because it’s a retrofit solution that can work alongside other heaters.

Another option is to use a cosy throw or electric blanket. . An oversized heated throw can keep two people warm. It’s energy efficient and soft, and it retains heat well.

These are great choices if you don’t want to put in too much work. It’s important to remember that central heating may not meet UK Part L building regulations, so it’s vital to consider this before you make a final decision.

When choosing between the different heating options for a conservatory, consider the overall cost of each system. The initial costs of a conservatory are not very high, but the running costs can be high if the conservatory is not properly insulated.

Investing in proper heating will ensure that you enjoy your conservatory all year long whether you are sleeping or relaxing in it. A few dollars in extra insulation can go a long way. A poorly insulated conservatory can cause your heating bills to skyrocket.


You can fairly easily turn a conservatory into a bedroom, both permanently or temporarily if you have guests. the most important aspects to consider are heating and lighting, both too much and too little will make the conservatory uncomfortable.

Beds, fixed or temporary should fit in most conservatories but make sure ther eis room to open doors, fit in at least a set of drawers to make it more convenient for those sleeping in it, no one wants to walk through the kitchen in their pants in the morning to get dressed!

Make sure you have good shading to block out the sun, and also heating if it will be used to sleep in during winter months and you will have a room that is great to sit, relax, and with a little attention sleep in.


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