What Can a Conservatory Be Used For
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What Can a Conservatory Be Used For?

If you’ve ever wondered what can a conservatory be used for, you’ve come to the right place. They provide ample temperatures and lighting, and are often used as sunrooms and lounges. They can even be converted into a dining room or laundry rooms. Others get taken over by the children and used as playroom, and some even spend the nights, all night, sleeping in them ! We take a look at some of the options open to you below.

A conservatory, while traditionally used as a summer room, can be repurposed to fit any need. Adding blinds and heating allow it to be used as a bedroom, or winter room, dining table and dressers allow meals to be taken there, desks and shade allow a home office to be created

We have links to in-depth articles if any of these ideas are interesting to you, so feel free to check those pages out as well.

Plan The Use of Your Conservatory First.

While planning the decor of your conservatory, you should keep in mind that the interior should incorporate as much natural light as possible. Avoid placing large and bulky furniture in the space as this can block direct sunlight.

Also, most conservatories only have one solid wall, so make sure that any tall furniture is placed against the concrete wall. Light-colored upholstery and furniture also reflect light, which adds to the overall ambiance.

When it comes to furnishing your conservatory, there are numerous styles and looks to consider. For a classic Edwardian look, you can use seater sofas. For added charm, consider wooden furniture. Alternatively, choose modern furniture that has glass and metal components.

Try not to overdo it. Generally, a less is more approach is best. Instead of cramming a lot of furniture into your conservatory, go for more functional furnishings.

How To Prevent Condensation In Conservatories

They are a lounge or sunroom

While the two concepts may be similar, they are distinctly different.

  • A sunroom is an enclosed space in a home that lets in natural light while retaining the warmth of the house’s interior.
  • A conservatory, on the other hand, is an outdoor space added onto the home. Both rooms are used to enjoy the weather and soak up sunlight. Here are some of the advantages of each:

A conservatory’s main component is glazing, which must block excess solar gain while retaining heat on chilly days. A variety of glass options are available to achieve a balance between warmth and insulation. Low-e glass, for example, is coated with an argon-filled cavity to reduce heat transfer, while other types feature different coatings to keep out the sun’s rays. These features make it possible to enjoy the benefits of a conservatory throughout the year.

There are many different types of conservatories, which vary in shape and size. A sunroom’s roofstyle can be flat, pitched, or sloped. Depending on your style, your conservatory can be either formal or relaxed, with comfortable sofas and elegant furniture. You can choose a bright colour scheme for a bright and cheerful interior, or a neutral palette of whites and creams. A sunroom may also be fitted with a stylish rustic floorboard.

Another benefit of sun lounges is that they don’t require heating or air conditioning, unlike a conservatory. In extreme weather, they are useful. South-facing conservatories, for example, will need heating or shading.

Sun lounges are also useful during winter. If you plan on using them year-round, make sure to consider your budget. They are a fantastic way to increase the space of your home and enjoy, or avoid, the weather.

They can be used as a dining room

Although conservatories are rarely used as dining rooms, they can make an excellent dining area. Using pastel colours is a great way to add style and class to your dining area. These colors are also great for drawing attention to any outdoor floral arrangements.

Green is a great colour for conservatories, especially paired with wooden furniture. When planning a dining room, it’s important to consider the number of people you’ll be hosting and how you’ll use the space.

If you’re a busy family that likes to eat outside every day, a dining room in a conservatory will make it easy to entertain guests and maintain a good meal.

what can you use a conservatory for

The best part is that you don’t need to change the electrics. Glass doors will allow the room to get plenty of natural light, which will make it an ideal dining room. You can also use candles to add atmosphere if looking for a more romantic meal in. .

While glass conservatories have a traditional look, modern design has made them more relevant to everyday construction. A modern conservatory can be easily integrated with your house’s architecture, blending in perfectly.

These are also a popular choice for dining rooms, both in hotels and restaurants. These are versatile, flexible, and can be used for many purposes, including dining. Adding colour can lift the entire space and make it feel more comfortable and inviting.

Another option for dining rooms in conservatories is installing extra lighting. Adding a statement pendant lamp shade or a chandelier to the ceiling will make your room a focal point. Alternatively, if the conservatory is adjacent to your kitchen, you can add a chandelier or spotlights on the wooden panels. Or, you can choose to add string lights, which can give the dining area a warm, cosy atmosphere.

They can be converted into a laundry room

A conservatory is a space that provides ample natural light and is often tall and airy. It can also be connected to a central heating system. Conversion can be done without the need for planning permission, . If you’re planning to convert your conservatory into a laundry room, you need to consult a professional designer before proceeding as you may need plumbing and electrical work done.

If you’re planning to convert your existing conservatory into a laundry room, you should first plan your new room’s layout. Think about aesthetic and practical considerations, as well as how you want to utilize the space.

Look for inspiration on Pinterest or contact a building contractor, who will give you a design. When planning a laundry room conversion, keep in mind that the materials used will depend on the size of the room and the layout. However, personally, it seems a shame to turn the outside space into a mundane purposed room.

Conservatories can be used as play rooms

This happens very often, put a rug on the floor and the kids will gradually gravitate to play in there. In no time you will be standing on Lego and toys everytime you go in.

its actually a nice idea, though letting them know its a shared room is important, as it gives parents a break, and the children can still play within ear shot. If you are planning this keep an eye out for sharp edges on furniture in case the play becomes a little lively.

Make sure the conservatory is secure especially if the garden has access to the road or paths.

what can you use a conservatory for

Conservatories can be used as Home Offices

We actually have an article on using the conservatory as a home office here on the site. It is possible, and pleasant to work in a conservatory if you are working from home. If large enough you can put a small desk or office area in one corner, with a laptop and set of drawers and spend time close to your garden surrounded by greenery.

However, we do advise checking out the article as there is more to it than sitting on the sofa and opening up the laptop, conservatories tend to be very bright and straining to read a screen with cause headaches pretty quickly.

Conservatories can be used as bedrooms

Although it may seem like a strange idea to sleep in a conservatory people literally pay thousands to sleep under glass roofs in the artic to see the northern lights, and thousands in the maldives to sleep under water with glass roofs in the maldives!

Who is to say your garden is not as worthy as those places. However you will need to make sure lighting, both at night, and reducing it in the morning is taken care of, as well as heating and security as well. those hotels have security guards and we are guessing your house probably doesn’t!

you can check out the converting your conservatory into a bedroom article here ofr much more detail.

They add value to your home

In addition to the many benefits of adding a conservatory, they can also enhance the value of your property. Adding a conservatory to your property allows you to make the most of your garden space, so consider the design carefully to ensure your investment will add value to your home.

Depending on your tastes and preferences, a conservatory can add light, space, and style to your home. Read on for tips and advice to help you choose a conservatory that will add value to your home.

A conservatory’s value will vary according to its size, quality, and location. According to a recent study by Towergate Insurance, a conservatory will add around 5% more to the value of your home compared to a loft conversion. Experts have repeatedly quoted this figure, but it could even be as high as 12 percent in prime location London.

The initial costs of adding a conservatory will vary depending on its design. A conservatory can cost from 10,000 to 40,000 pounds or dollars ( though conservatories are more popular in the UK.) and will add between five and ten percent to the value of your home.

Although adding a conservatory to your home might be a great investment, you’ll want to carefully consider its maintenance costs, weather suitability, and intended use before making the final decision.


A conservatory is built for you, so you can really use it for any purpose you want to. (even that laundry room) but to make it great for your use you will need to spend a little time planning ( and a little money of course) to make sure it’s not just a random multi purpose room, but a great fit for purpose room, just with the added bonus of your awesome garden.


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