How to keep a conservatory cool in summer
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How to Keep a Conservatory Cool in Summer

Conservatories are built for summer, they really are, but sometimes all that glass and the sun makes you feel a little like an ant under a magnifying glass. There are ways to keep your conservatory cool in Summer that we will explore in our article below. There are multiple options of many budgets so we hope something for everybody.

The best way to keep your conservatory cool in summer is to make sure air can circulate freely between the indoors and the outdoors. You can use passive ventilation, ceiling fans, or air conditioning to keep your conservatory cool. If you live in a hot country, you can even install automatic mechanisms and roof blinds.

If you can’t afford these, you can also consider installing pleated roof blinds and ventilation.

Pleated roof blinds

There are two main types of conservatory roof blinds: slatted and cellular. Slatted roof blinds, sometimes known as duette blinds or skylight blinds, are often made of pleated material, which provides maximum privacy while keeping light out. The purpose of roof blinds is to regulate temperature and allow maximum air circulation, while still providing optimum privacy.

Pleated roof blinds are suitable for any type of conservatory roof. They are made of pleated fabric and are available in a variety of styles and colours. The neat design of these blinds makes them ideal for conservatories, and they can be shaped to fit any shape. Classic venetian blinds, on the other hand, feature aluminium slats and are ideal for adding privacy as well as blocking sunlight.

When installed on fully glazed conservatory roofs, pleated roof blinds can protect the interior of the conservatory from the hottest parts of the day. The honeycomb-style fabric reflects light in summer and provides insulation during cooler months. When properly installed, the blinds can last for several years and provide the ultimate in control. And since they don’t need to be operated manually, they can be easily controlled from the comfort of your chair.

In addition to being practical, window treatments have a decorative function as well. Neutral shades such as white will add a touch of style without overwhelming the decor. Natural tones and rustic accents will lift the white aesthetic of the conservatory. Using practical blinds to block sunlight will make the conservatory more useable. A conservatory roof covering made of white or cream shades will create a calm, tranquil space while preventing heat from building up.

Another method of passive cooling is wind ventilation. Wind ventilation circulates air inside a building by causing a difference in pressure within the conservatory. As a result, the air flows from a high to low point, creating a low-pressure zone within the conservatory. The size, mode of operation, and location of the windows all affect wind ventilation. The direction of the wind and the climate also influence wind ventilation. it is of course the most natural and cheapest solution!

Ceiling fans

To make your conservatory more comfortable in the summer months, consider installing ceiling fans. These energy-efficient devices double as lights and can be installed in the same way as a light. This way, you won’t need to run any extra wiring and can use the existing switches to operate them. They are also great at keeping the room cooler, as they do not block sunlight.

Ceiling fans help keep conservatories cool in summer by drawing cooler air in from outside and circulating it around the room.

To keep a conservatory cool in summer, installing an energy-efficient ceiling fan is an excellent option. Ceiling fans double as lights and are installed in the same manner as normal ceiling lights. You won’t have to run additional wiring as they fit with existing switches

There are many options for installing ceiling fans in your conservatory. Some are quiet and efficient, while others are aesthetically pleasing and are designed for business or home use. But no matter which type of fan you choose, make sure you choose the one that suits the room’s decor.

Ventilation, Plants, Skylights and Shading

There are several ways to keep a conservatory cool in the summer, and all involve proper ventilation. Adding solar shading is an excellent way to keep your conservatory cool in the summer and protect your furniture from fading. Solar shading is an inexpensive, low-maintenance solution that offers many benefits. It is similar to sunglasses’ lenses in that it prevents the heat from entering and reduces the amount of UV rays entering the room.

Adding a few plants around the conservatory can help keep the temperature down. Planting deciduous trees and shrubs can provide some shade, while other deciduous small trees will allow the conservatory to benefit from the winter sunshine. Using heat reflective glass in your conservatory is another way to keep the temperature down, although this can pose a problem when natural light hits the room. The best solution will depend on the design and style of your conservatory, but it’s important to consider the amount of natural light that will enter the conservatory.

Another option is installing special cooling film on your conservatory windows. This type of window film reflects 80% of the sun’s UV rays away from the conservatory, preventing it from becoming too hot. Window films can also protect your furniture from fading and are effective insulators. During the winter months, they can also serve as an effective insulator. However, if you have a high roofed conservatory, you may have difficulty installing this type of film. You can always seek professional help and advice if you are unsure.

Another option is to install an openable skylight over the conservatory. This way, trapped heat can be released and the air inside the conservatory will remain fresh and cool. Installing an openable skylight will prevent the buildup of moisture and stale, musty air will also be prevented. Using beaded curtains on patio doors will also help to block sunlight and maintain privacy. You can also install air vents on your roof.

In addition to adding insulation to the roof, a solid roof will help keep the conservatory cool all year round. They will also reduce the energy usage of the conservatory and reduce heating bills. In addition to all this, solid roofs also look beautiful. For those who don’t want to use the cooling film, roof coverings are also an option to block direct sunlight. They are fitted inside the conservatory and function like blinds.

Air conditioning

It is possible to fit air conditioners into conservatories, and as most are quite small, when compared to living rooms for example, then a low powered unit should be ok even with the additional heat from the summer sun.

Although a pricer option you can enjoy the cool breeze that air conditioning creates without having to worry about blinds or coverings. Of course energy bills and the cost of the actual air-conditioning unit have to be factored in.

Alternatively, you could opt for an portable air conditioning unit that can cool your conservatory in summer or warm it up during winter. These take up floor space but are much more cost effective, in terms of purchase price at least.

Aside from having an air conditioning system, you can also open the windows and doors to ensure that the air circulates and stays fresh. You can also install fans, vents and skylights to help the temperature stay as cool as possible.


Although conservatories offer many benefits, they are especially hot in the summer. Hot air rises, getting trapped underneath the roof. It’s very uncomfortable to be inside such a room during the summer. The good news is that there are many ways to keep your conservatory cool during the summer and enjoy it all year round.

And with the right cooling system, you’ll enjoy entertaining guests without the hassle of a sweaty, uncomfortable environment.

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