What Can I Put on My Conservatory Roof to Stop the Sun Shining Through
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What Can I Put on My Conservatory Roof to Stop the Sun Shining Through?

Although conservatories are designed to let in light sometimes it can just be too much. There are times when the sun will be too bright and too hot and you may need to think about reducing how much gets through your roof and your windows while still giving you the view and experience of being outside that you built your conservatory in the first place. We have some ideas on what you can put on your Conservatory roof to stop the sun shining through below.

There are several methods to help prevent glare in your conservatory. Some roof coverings can block out glare and provide shade. Other options include anti-glare paint or shade sails which can reduce UV and light by up to 85% and down depending how much sunlight you wish to block.

If none of these solutions is suitable for your conservatory, you can read on for some tips and tricks. We’ll cover all of them in this article. Just remember that these methods will not completely prevent the sun from shining through your conservatory.

Solar control window film

Installing solar control window film on conservatory roofs is a great way to keep a room cooler during the summer months. Solar control films reflect sunlight and limit glare, making your space more comfortable. They can also save you money on energy bills! We have some benefits of Solar control film below.

  • The film is applied to the roof of the conservatory and consists of laminated polyester micro layers. It blocks 99% of UV rays, preventing heat from accumulating.
  • The film will also protect your conservatory contents from fading and your eyes from glare. Added benefit: the film will protect your conservatory even in the winter! And the best part is, it is entirely waterproof.
  • Installing solar control window film on conservatory roof glass will also help protect your home from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Conservatories lose heat rapidly. By blocking solar radiation from entering the building, the film will help keep your conservatory cool and comfortable, while cutting down on your energy bills by up to 60%!
  • The film will also help protect your fabrics from damaging UV rays.

There are two kinds of solar control window film for conservatories: the internal and the external films.

  • The internal films are less reflective and won’t control the sun’s heat as effectively as external films.
  • The external films, on the other hand, offer the best performance and a subtle non-reflective appearance. In addition to blocking solar energy, the external films prevent unwanted heat from entering your conservatory.

This type of film has high solar rejection and glare reduction properties, and costs less than blinds or curtains, and you can apply the film directly to the existing glazing.

A good quality window film will block about 40 percent of the heat coming from the sun. A south-facing conservatory will receive more heat during the summer. West-facing windows receive more heat, while north-facing windows receive the least heat.

Despite the fact that conservatories are glass, they are often not equipped to cope with a heatwave, so a good film will reject most of the heat while letting in enough light to allow you to view the outside.

Another way to avoid excessive heat entering a conservatory is to install an awning or roof vent. Alternatively, you can fit roof blinds or window shades, which will let you control how much light and shade you want. And, because they can be adjusted to block or allow light. This way, you’ll be able to use your conservatory all year round!

Anti-glare paint

Installing an anti-glare paint on the roof of your conservatory can help you reduce the heat and light escaping through your glass doors and windows. This type of paint is typically solvent-based and can be applied to glass, polycarbonate and plastic. Anti-glare paints are particularly useful for older conservatories because they don’t need to be fitted and require no special preparation beyond a good cleaning We have an article on how to clean your conservatory glass here.

Another benefit of installing anti-glare paint on the roof is better privacy. When there’s a clear glass roof, anyone outside can see into your conservatory, making it feel exposed. It is also far cheaper than blinds and other expensive remodelling. Whether you have an old conservatory or a new addition, an anti-glare paint application can give it a new lease of life and improve your indoor comfort.

If your conservatory has large glass panes, the paint should be applied to these surfaces. A coating of solar control paint will reduce the amount of sunlight that enters through the glazing by up to 85%. It will also block out harmful UV rays from the sun. However, anti-glare paint won’t improve the heat retention of the conservatory, so you’ll need to install an additional insulating material to ensure that you get the best results.

Solar reflective paint is available for polycarbonate or acrylic roofing materials. This paint will help you control the temperature inside your conservatory. This paint has been proven to reduce solar energy by up to 85%, while also blocking harmful UV rays.

The roof of your conservatory should be as clean as possible before painting it. You’ll need to remove all loose debris before painting, and a telescopic cleaning brush will be ideal. If you’re painting the conservatory’s glass roof, you need to ensure it is completely clean. You don’t want to paint bugs on it. A cleaning of the roof is simple enough.

Shade sails

To install shade sails on a conservatory roof, you need to decide where they will go, and how much shading you want. The measurements are generally taken from the center of the shade’s edge to the two corner posts. The shade itself does not follow a straight line, but is curved in the middle.

This hollow area distributes tension evenly to prevent the middle from sagging and causing unsightly wrinkles. When installing a shade, you should always allow around 12″ to 30″ of space from one end of the shade post to the other. This gives you plenty of scope to experiment and determine what works best for your conservatory roof.

When installing shade sails on conservatory roofs, you should make sure that they do not touch the downpipes of gutters or other branches. These can lead to chafing and can decrease the life of the shade. If you do encounter this issue, the best way to fix it is to extend the attachment fittings. These are relatively cheap and very strong. In order to install shade sails correctly, you should also ensure that the sails do not sag.

You can get sun-reflecting conservatory sails in different sizes and colours. The sun-reflecting properties of these sails will prevent 70% of the heat and light from entering the conservatory. These shades sit naturally beneath the conservatory roof’s frame, allowing air to circulate around the conservatory roof without letting in too much heat. Moreover, these shades will help you enjoy the cool temperatures inside your conservatory.

Installing shade sails on your conservatory roof will help you enjoy the benefits of your conservatory even more. They will help you enjoy your conservatory in the best way possible, and will not only help you save on the costs of cooling and heating, but will also help you stay comfortable. And you’ll have less stress as you’ll be able to enjoy the conservatory while enjoying the heat of the sun.

If you’re thinking about installing shade sails on the conservatory roof, it’s important to remember that flammable material can catch fire, so you must choose a shade material that is fire retardant. The shade fabric can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, as it reflects the sun’s rays rather than absorbing them.

You should also check the fire certificate of the material you choose. Make sure that you don’t place any open fire near the shade, as it can easily catch fire. And always have a fire extinguisher on hand.

If you’re considering installing shade sails on the conservatory roof, be sure to research different types of sun shades. The WAREMA range of sun shading systems has the right solution for your conservatory roof. They are unique, made in Germany, and come with a variety of convenient options. You can install a permanent shade sail or a mobile app to control your shades. No matter what type of sun shade you choose. There are less extravagant options but these really are cool.


Although you build your conservatory to enjoy the sun, there can be too much of a good thing and the above ways of reducing some of the glare and heat from the Sun will make your time more enjoyable in your conservatory.

There are multiple options and we have other articles to help you keep your conservatory cool on the site as well feel free to check them out.

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